Executive Coaching

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 Are leaders “born” or “made”? Those supporting the latter have been increasing in number –both at  companies and investigative work.

The questioning reasoning is the following : what mechanisms enable the development of liders within companies? Coaching is one of the possible answers: a coach provides services that facilitate the client’s learning and development of his/ her potential, preferably taking advantage of the situations naturally arising from his/ her daily work.

A coach does not command – he/she supports. A coach does not reprehend – he/ she communicates with his/ her protegé in a way that enables learning from his/ her mistakes. A coach does not define paths – he aids his/ her client in making a choice. This book has arisen from this context. In it, the definition and objectives of coaching are discussed, as well as the practices which make it useful and difficulties that may arise.

This leads to a broader “strategic” objective: training leaders for companies that are permanently struggling with change and the resulting challenges. Reading this book is recommended in particularly to three distinct groups:

  1. professional workers that plan to improve their coaching competencies;
  2. people who intend to develop their own leadership skills;
  3. people in charge of organizations who wish to implement coaching and development plans in their organizations.

A final note: this books is also intended to coach!

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